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Chité is a Maison of Luxury Lingerie that finds its core pillar in the Made in Italy, as synonym of best-in-class quality and a set of social-ethic values in which we truly believe.
Thanks to the policy of “transparency” adopted since the very beginning, Chité shows its clients how our couture pieces are created. They are crafted by the “petites mains” of expert Italian artisans who perceive their job as art.
Our female tailors not only create unique pieces of couture lingerie, but they also represent the purest identity of Chité.

Slow Couture for Chité means producing unique and exclusive pieces of couture underwear supporting local craftsmanship.
Chité has chosen to launch monthly capsule collections, revolutioning the traditional seasonal calendar, offering always new and finely studied products.
Chité has further developed the Chité Project in order to promote and support collaborations among women, scouting new talents and supporting Women Empowerment through interviews and projects.

What we do

We inspire Women to become the better version of themselves and to achieve anything they want in their life. This is our goals and every-day mission. We are commited to celebrate the versatile beauty of Women creating lingerie sets that trigger female curiosity. We decided to begin from the innermost layer that every woman wears, Lingerie, as we believe it is where women perceive the most their femininity and confidence.
Our lingerie tells a story written by passionate Women for Women.
We believe in Women Power, in their image evolution and in their personal achievements, ambitions and self love.

“A woman who feels beautiful and confident when out of her home can achieve anything in her life”

The Chité's Back

Women’s back can be extremely elegant and seductive, thus Chité glorifies it with its bras. Our pieces allow women to show their back gaining the attention usually devoted to the décolleté.
Fine games of strings, macramé or a satin bow: every design of Chité has been studied, worn and loved.
Chité has registered its designs to guarantee exclusiveness to its every “back” giving a unique bra.

“A bra, feminine and elegant, is made by two faces, the front ad the back, why should we forget one? Couture lingerie if for us perfection under every aspect”

The Story

Chité was born in a warm Parisian night, in the magic atmosphere of laughes and light-mindness.
The two founders, Federica Tiranti e Chiara Marconi, two young entrepreneurs under 30 spent the night talking about Women and how much their image has changed over the past 20 years. Today’s young women are independent, free, ambitious and life-lovers while keeping their kindness and genuine soul.
These were basis on which we built our lingerie line.
Federica and Chiara are two young girls with a dynamic background, graduated, sporty, ski instructors and travellers but above all curious. They took the courage to change their life with Chité, leaving Rio de Janeiro and Paris where they used to live, to be the souls of Chité and represent The Chité Woman in first person.

“This is how we created Chité, concretely shaping our dreams. Our daily sacrifices are a love letter to women, a message of freedom, determination, self love and passion for life” Federica and Chiara