"Rocker is fire, it's life, it's woman"

Gaia Gozzi, XFactor finalist, as Ambassador of the new Capsule Collection Rocker

For the Capsule Collection Rocker, with its Urbanlight style, Chité has chosen a special testimonial: Gaia Gozzi, former X Factor singer. Gaia has an unconventional soul, a power determination that makes her look like a lion willing to take anything she wants from life when she is performing on stage. With the interview to Gaia, Chité has decided to match the Rocker, a lingerie set with lamé metal fabric, with a young talented singer with a delicate heart but the consciousness of a Great Woman. Every time she is on stage she is Pure Energy.

Your voice, this is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear your name, and it’s your voice that has way too often made people drop a tear! Where does this passion come from?

First thank you for the wonderful words. Let’s say that my passion didn’t grow with time, thanks to the influence of someone or a specific situation, but rather it has always existed in me. I’ve been singing since forever, but before X Factor, that completely changed my life, I used to sing at home, under the shower, sometimes with friends, but neve in public (a part from some events organized by the Church where I was forced to do it).

In the music, as well as in entrepreneurial activities, nobody gifts you anything, what pushed you to believe in what you’re doing and don’t give up even in the hardest times?

Perseverance and determination have always been strong pillars of my attitude that have taken me everywhere. I believe that love for music and a bit of luck but a lot, really a lot of “cazzimma” are the perfect formula for succeeding in this field, just as many others after all. There will always be down moments, both psychological as well as working; success comes when we understand how to manage such situations and turn them into “turning Points”. I think this is my strength. (Ps: we need also a lot of support from our beloved ones.. and a beer among friends sometimes!!)

An aspect of your personality that defines you? You often say to be shy but then when you sing you’re an hurricane..

I actually am really shy, but with time I learned the art of socialization (I needed it to survive ahah!) that helped me to become more easy-going on the stage too. If once I had difficulties in talking to strangers, now I am the one looking for the first approach. I found my inner peace on the stage, the place where magic comes true, where we swear, we dance, we communicate, we get emotional.. the place where public and artist become one single thing.

Just like you, we are young, ambitious and very driven in making our dreams come true. Do you think that Women have changed from our mom’s generation? 

I think Women have always been strong and fearless. My mom has done many great things in her life, she travelled a lot, she taught me a lot. But I still believe that the most beautiful gift she made me was teaching me the freedom of decisions, being the master of my own destiny and run after happiness no matter what, despite falls and bruises. Now we are much more aware of ourselves, we have more opportunities.. All this thanks to our mothers, grandmothers.

What do you think about femininity? Do you fell more a free soul or more sensual?

Femininity is simply being Woman. Being a Woman means being strong, resourceful, human, beautiful, ironic, sensitive, stubborn and above all love yourself and anyone you care about

We know there is Brazilian blood running down your veins, this cultural mix has played a role in your life? Has your mum inspired you to become what you are today?

Brazil is part of me. Brazilian warm, the light-heartedness, the honesty of smiles, the music, those are all aspects that my second home has given to me. All my songs have a direct link to both cultures: my double citizenship has widened my horizons and opened my mind. My mum has allowed me to live two completely different realities since when I was a kid and made me understand that despite differences, the both are part of what I am today.

You experience at X Factor has somehow changed you?

It truly changed me. It made me able to see what an untouchable treasure chest is music for me, something concrete, a real job. And I believe in it, I really do… And I work every day to achieve the objectives I set for myself and when I’ll do it, I’ll set some new ones. I will never give up.
At the same time, though, it hasn’t changed the way I am, my personality, my everyday attitude. I am always Gaia, the same old Gaia.

For us you perfectly embody the Capsule Collection called Rocker, a set that matches metallic colors – so strength and determination – with the delicacy of the lace. For us you are exactly this, sweet and genuine but with a volcano of courage and energy inside you. Do you see yourself in this?

A lot! Beside from having a wonderful design, I truly love the Rocker mood it has! The rock is fire, is life, is Woman.

When you buy lingerie do think about yourself and how you feel or do you think about your partner?

When I buy lingerie I mostly do it for myself, to feel beautiful. But I think there is nothing wrong in feeling sexy also for our partner. If you feel good with yourself, you feel good with the person you love.

Lingerie is the first thing we wear in the morning and the last one we pull of at night, it touches the innermost layer of a Woman. When you sing your express all your intimacy and you feel free to be who want to be. Do you think there is a connection between these two forms of art?

Personal intimacy is extremely precious. It must be loved and treated with care. Wearing lingerie that fulfils you is the first step to love yourself. Singing, for me, is directly connected with my sphere of intimacy, it makes me feel good, confident, especially when I love the lingerie I am wearing. I am strong both under my clothes and outside.

Is there any woman you seek inspiration from?

I take inspiration from many women.. my mom, my grandmother, many artists that fought for their passion. These women help me every day to become the better version of myself.


Born in Guastalla,  in the neighborhoods of Reggio Emilia on the 29th September 1997. Half Italian half Brazilian, short hairs and deep blue eyers. Without having ever sang on a stage she successfully goes through the X-Factor 10 selections, entering the "Under Women" team of Fedez. She finishes second, just one step from the victory of X Factor, the stepping stone for her career. Gaia is used to travel, she speaks many languages and, both stylistically as well as artistically, her landmark is her Brazilian mother. After the launch of the her hit single Fotogramas Gaia begins her career as singer mixing her two cultures: the Brazilian one and the Italian one.