“Macy for Chité” capsule collection: “I believe that every woman has their own definition of femininity”

Miami vibes and Italian heart and quality for this new summer capsule collections designed in collaboration with Macy Mariano.

In the digital era, where we are constantly connected to everyone and everything, Influencers are leading the change. Chité has decided to collaborate with Macy Mariano, American influencer from Miami, to design together a sophisticated yet casual style capsule collection. This capsule was inspired by Macy’s travels around the World, to inspire women to believe in themselves, love themselves and their dreams. We want to connect the Chité Ladies with the beautiful soul of an influencer. Check out our little interview to Macy and discover more about her, her life, her passions and this new capsule “Macy for Chité”.

When you were a kid being an influencer was not yet even a job, what did you dream for your future?

I really loved to write. Creative writing, I truly enjoyed. English was my favorite subject in school. It is funny because being an influencer or blogger you still get to write! So, it actually became part of my everyday job.

How did you become an influencer? And what do you like the most about this life?

I loved taking pictures and creating things, so I guess when I started seeing men and women do this for a living on social media, I said “I want to do that!” Ha-ha! From there I started doing it and keeping it to my authenticity. Anyone can do this on Instagram, you just have to do it better and keep your creations original. What I like most is meeting and collaborating with designers, labels, stores, products, etc... There are some great minds out there and that what I love to surround myself with!

You are American with strong Italian connections, not only you have an Italian surname but you also have an Italian boyfriend! What do you like the most about our country and culture?

Well, EVERYTHING. Ha-ha, I am in love with Italy. I have a dream to live in some areas there when I can. Would love to travel and stay there for a while. I love the country and culture because, there is romance in everything. The food, the people, the language, the architecture… I can’t get enough.

This capsule collection perfectly enshrines the Italian soul with Miami vibes. What did you enjoy the most about this collaboration?

What I loved most was you all reaching out to me and giving me this opportunity! For my first designer x blogger collaboration, I must say I adore the outcome and final pieces. Being able to design and put together fabrics with my creativity was a blessing.

Chité’s philosophy is the one of revolutionizing underwear to create pieces that can be also used as outwear. In a city like Miami this concept works perfectly. What do you think about lingerie as fashion item?

I think it’s an amazing idea. I love being able to wear my bodysuit out with jeans or pants. I believe it’s a fashion statement that will be trending for a while. It also brings the idea for lingerie to expand as not just a piece of clothing of intimacy, but for regular wear as well.

One of the pillars of Chité is the support of Women Power and all the changes that women have achieved in the past decades. How do you think femininity has change? And how would you best define femininity?

I believe that every woman has their own definition of femininity. For me, it is truly being yourself. I believe that is the best thing a woman can do is to feel comfortable in being herself and embrace the imperfections that make her who she is. At the end of the day, no one is you. I think feminism has grown over the decades with giving freedom to women; to be and do whatever they want. Even though, we are still battling with some norms of society, I still believe the growth of feminism has changed a lot.

We dedicate each capsule collection for a different soul of women to celebrate their versatility. What kind of woman are you? What defines you the most?

It is hard for me to say what kind of woman I am. However, from the perspective of my friends and loved ones, they say I am pure with everything I do and feel. My love and happiness are pure, and I love to spread it into the people I care about and my work that I do.

Was there any specific event that you feel have been the turning point in your growth from girl to woman?

I don’t think I have had a specific event that led my growth into becoming a woman. In fact, if anything I am still learning! I believe womanhood is a process, no matter what age you are. If anything, it all adds up from daily experiences in which I learn. Having courage, independence, perseverance, and confidence are things I try to build every day. Being satisfied with myself, embracing and thinking about what is best for me in this life are things I consider in becoming a woman.

Is there a specific woman you have as a role model?

All the women in my life are role models in some way shape or form. I go to my mother for comfort, my sister for strength, and my stepmother for wisdom. Every woman plays a role, to teach and to lift me up.


Born on 28th October 1991, Macy is an American influencer and blogger living in Miami. She spend the year following her passion: travelling around the world to suggest new destinations and outfits to its more than 76K followers. She has an innate passion for fashion and style and she designed the latest capsule collection for Chité: Macy for Chité

Check out her Instagram: @wanderwithmacy