"Let's Roll" the power of a woman and her resilience

She is one of those women whom you say "She is a bad-ass", a Woman so great to everything surrounding her look really small, including the tricks that sometimes life plays on you. She is Giulia Lamarca, our inspirational muse for the International Women's Day!

Hi Giulia,
here we are, talking with a young woman like us with an incredible inner strenght, you are very young but still the determination and awareness of a Woman shine trough, one of those women who moves us. Nowadays there is a lot of shallowness, appereance, and everything is based on empty values. We believe there is a need for truth and concreteness, which is what we want to do with this interview.

You are young, beautiful and full of energy, but we know that 6 years ago a bad accident turned your life around. What happened?

The 6th of October 2011 I had a scooter crash. Spinal injury. I was with a guy and we slipped on nothing. I don’t have many memories of that moment, I just remember I understood very well that something really bad had happened. I didn’t immediately realized I got hurt. Then suddently I feel a huge pain on my leg, I thought I broke my foot. After a couple of minutes I understood that my back was hurting too.

How much has your life changed since then?

Totally! I perfectly remember waking up after the surgery, when you open your eyes and understand that something inside you has changed. There’s no need for a doctor to come and explain what is going on, you already know it. It’s like a part of me remained in that place, and another part of me awake and alive in that hospital. Dreams are what helped me to move on: I almost never had a dream of me on the wheelchair.

In such situations women are often much stronger and willing to fight compared to men, how would you define this female strength?

I reckon that we, women, have the amazing capacity to cope with problems. And we have the amazing capacity of reinventing ourself. Have you ever read Fabio Volo saying in his book that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman blooming? I believe that my strength was the one of coping with pain and starting all over again. I said to my self “Giulia, that’s it, what do you do now?”.. and I thought: “Let’s roll.”

Lingerie is the first thing we wear in the morning and the last one we pull off at night, it touches the innermost layer of a Woman. What is for you intimacy?

I think intimacy is the step we do to break those centimeters that divide us from the other person. Intimacy is crossing a border and make a step

Chité produces only capsule collections so that every lingerie set is exclusive. In the latest capsule collections we decided to portray the different souls of a woman, the bossy one, the passionate one, the rocker on etc. What kind of Woman are you?

It’s hard to say with only one word. Sometimes I am very romantic so I look for a shy pink underwear, some other times I like to play with a passionate red and I match the lingerie with a mat red lipstick, or some other times I would like a seductive black so I go for lace. For sure I am a pretty sheer person, for me this is the real sensuality: being dressed and giving the idea of being naked.

We know you’re traveling to every corner of the Earth, where does this unstoppable desire to see the world come from?

The passion for travels comes from my innate curiosity for the world and for people. I am curious to see the world and history from another point of view. Do you remember when we were at schooling during history classes? Well I used to wonder “But on the other side of the world is there someone telling history in the same way?”. So I like to go to some places to see with my eyes what was and still is there. My dream is to round the world twice.

Bakery and kids are two other passions and have a common denominator: sweetness. Do you think it is what attracts you?

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I think so. Usually people who see me walking down the street define me as a strong powerful woman, ready for everything, as if nothing could ever stop me. The truth is that deep inside me there is a sweet and loving woman. I could be defined as a bignè.

An husband, a travel buddy. When you buy lingerie do you think about what he could like or about how you when wearing it?

No, I don’t think about what he could like! I believe that the most important thing when buying lingerie is looking in the mirror and saying “WOW! I’m beautiful, I like myself like this!”

What is the Chité set that suits you the best?

For sure the Bossy Petrol black and blue .

What would you like to say to the Women who will read this interview?

To all the Women who will read this I want to say: “You are beautiful! Look at your self in the mirror more often, dare, wear lipstick every now and then. Don’t be afraid of being feminine”. I think femininity is the big power of Women.

Giulia is making her dreams come true, crossing the borders of incredible countries, she's discovering the whole world hand-in-hand with her husband. Follow her adventures and her contagious joy
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