“Alma Mikelsone x Chité“, a capsule collection designed in collaboration with Alma, a student of the Paris Fashion School IFA.

Two sets inspired by nature, the thrill of adventure and the colors of distant lands. A gift to all the day-dreamers out there, to make them travel with their mind.

You are a young woman who loves nature, peace and fashion, what’s the link among these three passions?

I think that the link there is quite strong, especially in our time, when a lot of brands are luckily moving closer and closer to sustainable fashion. The whole point is to sustain the nature that we love so much by trying as hard as we can to lessen the harm we do to it.

Another link would be that I like natural beauty and I prefer using fabrics that feel natural to our skin, both when wearing or creating garments. Combining nature with fashion could also mean finding inspiration in nature both by the shapes, the colors and textures it provides, as well as experimenting more with the renewable resources that nature can give us and finding ways to create new materials like vegan leather or fabric from mushrooms, or food waste and so on.

You come from a family of artists, what are the most important lessons you learned from them?

That you should do what you love, do what makes you happy and never stop learning.

What does fashion mean to you? Do you think lingerie is part of fashion?

Fashion for me is about expressing your emotions or state of mind of that particular moment when you decide what to wear. It's about how that specific garment makes you feel. Maybe it makes you feel more powerful, more respected. Maybe more feminine, more fragile, more desirable. So, of course, lingerie is part of fashion, even though, those are not the garments we show to everybody. Sometimes even nobody else but ourselves sees them, but how we feel in them is what is important.

What do you think about the collaboration between Chité and IFA? Why did you decide to attend the contest?

I had never designed lingerie before and when I heard of the contest it hit me that I would love to try that. It is such an important part of the women's wardrobe. And the collaboration itself is a great idea, it gives an opportunity for young designers to be seen by a bigger audience and to gain experience directly from professionals. We should have more collaborations like that!

As a young woman, what do you think about femininity? What does it mean to you?

Femininity is something that exists both in women and in men, as well as there is masculinity in women, there is femininity in men, it is just balanced out differently. Depending of the person. Femininity is the part in us that allows us to feel emotion and love very, very deeply. And with that love comes a great power, a feminine power that is probably one of the reasons why men are attracted to women in the first place.

Talking about the capsule collection, what was your inspiration? How would you define it using only three words?

Adventurous, passionate and free.

Those are the words that describe the woman who is wearing this capsule collection, but the initial inspiration actually came from the fabrics that we were working with. The ones that caught my eye reminded me of travelling, of exotic places and adventures, so I decided to choose this theme.

Our collaboration with IFA was based on the idea of converging the fashion worlds of Paris and Milan, two different cultures and design styles. What do you think about that?

The effortless chic of Paris fashion and the sex appeal and careful craftsmanship of the fashion from Milan could be a good combination, especially for a lingerie brand. I think also that mixing of cultures suits the adventurous and travel loving woman of Chité.

Thinking about yourself, how would you define yourself? What type of woman are you?

I've always found it extremely difficult to define myself, so this is a challenging question! I keep to myself, at least I know that a lot of people would say that about me. And it is true that I love my own company a lot, but I do like the company of others as well, and as any other human being, I am a social creature. I think I just choose quite carefully who I dedicate my time to. Especially now, the more mature I get, the more I value my time.

I'm not always rational, I often make my decisions based on emotional impulse and intuition. I hate it when I can't do something right the first time, but the paradox is that I get stubborn when others are trying to teach me how things should be done. Especially when they are right.
In spite of being comfortable on my own, it inspires me a lot to be able to give and receive affection and to love and be loved in return. I think that's why we are here on this planet.

When buying underwear, do you choose it for yourself or for your partner?

I guess that for both of us, but mainly for myself. It is important that I feel comfortable and confident in my underwear, because confidence is attractive. And if he feels my confidence, he will find me desirable as well.

Chité is inspired by empowered women. Is there a woman that inspires you the most?

It might be a cliché, but the woman that inspires me is my mom. She is somebody who is self-sufficient and strong, but at the same time can be gentle and loving. She has learned to be independent and to work for what she wants to achieve, and get it done. She has managed to combine her rational thinking together with a spirit of an artist and I find it inspiring.