A young designer for Chité

Launch of the Capsule Collection "Chité by Rachele Bonato"

Collaboration among Women means resourcefulness, love and creativity.
For Saint Valentine Chité has decided to collaborate with a young Fashion Designer, Rachele Bonato, born and raised with the passion for catwalks in her blood thanks to the job of her mother as Fashion Designer as well.
With Rachele Chité will launch capsule collection very peculiar “a perfect mix for a passionate woman that always adds some spice to her life”.
With this interview we want to disclose the standpoint of this young designer and show how much collaborations can lead to great things.

Rachele you are the first fashion designer we collaborate with, and it’s a collaboration among Women! What do you think about it?

I think it’s a perfect mix, I love to challenge my self and have the chance to work with like minded people. Creativity, resourcefulness and love for what we do, I believe are the key ingredients to achieve a great result and maybe it’s just the beginning… who knows!

Let’s go back for a bit, have you been dreaming about fashion since when your were a kid or it’s a love that grew slowly?

When I was a kid my playroom was a box full of fabric samples that was going from a tailor to another while they were endlessly sewing and creating dresses. Let’s say my destiny was already written.

Fashion and lingerie, what role would you give to underwear in the complicated fashion world?

Dresses are the mirror of our feelings. Some can conceal weaknesses, others can amplify passions.. The dress is a material language that identifies the person, a way to communicate, to make our voice heard; it allows us to express our ideas and give shape to our thoughts. Lingerie is the first layer we put on our skin, that layer so intimate and personal despite what we must or want to show to the world; I’d say there is nothing else to add..

Lingerie is a very particular garment, the only one in the intimate sphere of a woman. What represents lingerie for you?

I love lingerie, if I have to be honest when I go out I spend a lot of time thinking what to wear.. it’s a powerful weapon of seduction and it makes me feel good about myself.

Our collaboration was set in place for a special occasion, Saint Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love but also Women’s sensuality. On this occasion we all turn into “femme fatale” in our imaginary. Do you feel like a femme fatale?

Let’s say that being able to seduce, in every circumstance, is a quality that has always intrigued me. I’m not sure I can really define my self a femme fatale, we should ask it to who knows me.

Every our capsule collection has been designed drawing inspiration from the different souls of a Woman. Behind everyone of us there are multiple facets, the Wild one, the Bossy one, Rocker, Passionate.. what is your most dominant part?

I have to admit that the set I’ve designed for Chité reflects me a lot; I consider being able to express what we feel and feel comfortable with our body as fundamental elements. My lingerie set is a mix of a passionate woman that wants to always add some spice to her life.

Going back to the set you’ve designed for Saint Valentine, what inspired you? and why did you decided to leave aside the traditional red color?

As Oscar Wilde said “Well, she wore far too much rouge last night, and not quite enough clothes. That is always a sign of desperation in a woman”. I don’t think that to be sensual a woman has to necessarily wear red lingerie, especially on Saint Valentine’s Day. It’s an imaginary I don’t really share, black and midnight blue are much more sensual and fine for such an occasion.

As shooting location for this capsule collection Chité chose Paris, the City of Love, a classic par excellence, but in contrast with a singular model, mixing tradition with anti-conventionality to celebrate feminine beauty. What do you think about this choice?

I fully agree with it, “Paris est la ville de l’amour”.. too many people have beauty stereotypes that I believe do not exist.
Who decides if that woman is beautiful or not? Everyone has different thoughts and opinions. We will never think alike. I think that judging beauty is a way too personal opinion. Beauty does not need explanations, it’s for its own sake, and it’s just amazing finding it in everything that surrounds us.

Which “great woman” would you see wearing the set you’ve designed and why?

Everyone of us is a great woman, and it’s what we all need to understand.
With this capsule capsule collection I hope to be able to pass this message on to the women who will wear my set.

Is there any Woman that you seek inspiration from?

My mom, she’s a bomb.
It’s thanks to her that since when I was a baby I’ve been passionate about fashion, she has always taken me around the world.

In what do you think Women are one step ahed of men?

We are Women.

Rachele Bonato
Born in Bergamo on the 26th December 1995.
At the age of 14 she moved to Turin to attend the scientific high school that then led her to start her academic career to become Fashion Designer at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). During the years of study, many experiences abroad and inside different Brands have allowed her to enrich wealth of experience and graduate in March 2017.
Fashion Designer in Italy graduated at IE